My name is Ann Fernald. I’m a sculptor ‘turned’ textile artist living and working in midcoast Maine. Living on the edge of an ever changing, but always beautiful coastline, blessed with friends that are as creative as I always hope to be: printmakers, designers, dyers of beautiful wools, all generously sharing their brilliance, talent, and tons of their love. I am a fortunate woman indeed.

And yet, for as long as I can remember, there has been a hole in my heart for someone I lost long ago. My grandmother Effie MacDougal. And I SO wanted to create something that was a tribute to her in some way. Something that would feel as though both of our hearts were in it - a strange collaboration of sorts.


So for many years, as much as I desperately wanted to create something, I never thought I’d be able to her make her proud, to do this project justice - how could I possibly pay tribute to the woman whose love has never left me?

It felt impossible. Until one day, a Mugg made its way to the fore of my brain and got stuck there. A woolen being, angst-ridden, existentially challenged, and desperate to work through her issues with a good bit of dark, a touch of sarcasm, some self-deprecation and a whole lot of humor.


From then on, a community was born - and although they seem an unlikely tribute to the quiet, gentle, unassuming woman who knew me best, loved me most, had the best arms for hugging and the best lap for rocking, somehow it fit. And Effie took her rightful place as Matriarch.

And now, it is my hope that somehow, Effie could meet the Muggs and read their stories. And her head would dip, her cheeks would turn a touch pink, and a wee grin would cross her sweet scottish face.

So Effie, meet the Muggs. Muggs, Effie.

With love and gratitude to you all.